Saturday, April 6, 2013

Frame this Moment x2

A few days, or weeks, ago {I forget}...I caught a moment where K was playing absolutely BY HIMSELF in the backyard.  He was soooo content and in his own little world.  I LOVE THESE MOMENTS!  As soon as I popped my head out to take a picture, he asked me to stay outside with him --- so I did:))  It was a beautiful SUNNY day!!

{Josh came out too --- our moment ended up with throwing sand and then striping by the back door for a bath :((  }

Our 2nd MOMENT:  
This one was even longer ago than the 1st.  
Sometimes on Friday or Saturday nights we have been having MOVIE NIGHTS.  The kids LOVE them and ask for them all the time...especially for popcorn and gatorade:))  On this particular night I think we got pizza and then watched Wreck it Ralph...SUCH a cute movie!!!

{pardon his mouth full of popcorn:)}

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