Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We LOVE Spring Break around here:)  We had an awesome week of just hanging out together, no big trips - just some quality time:))  Krys had to work his normal schedule, so the boys and I just had little outings.
Here we are visiting our FAVORITE ice cream/yogurt place EVER.  
{I went here 2 more times later in the week:)  SO GOOD!!!}

Dirty faces at the end of the day --- a FUN DAY!!

LOTS of outside play in the SUNSHINE.  
Do you know how much we LOVE the SUN?!?!

One afternoon we visited the ducks at the duck park:)

Keegan vs. the Goose

Another park play date with some of our school friends:)))

On Wednesday afternoon, Mikey came to get them for a couple of days.  They were sooo excited to go.  These boys LOVE Mikey!!!  K barely gave me a hug, but J was kind of sad to go.  He is soooooo like me:)  I assured him that I WOULD miss him tons and to have a Wonderful time!!!  {they both did!}

{I thought this was sooo cute -- I found this in his room while I was cleaning the next day:)}

And here are some pictures that Mikey sent me from the 2 days.
See this 1st one....J is holding a gun!   A BB gun, but doesn't he look PROUD!?!?

The boys get to do some real HANDYMAN things while at Mikeys!!!
They brought me home 2 projects that they had built:))  I LOVE things like that sooooo much!!!

Mikey brought them home today and we had a nice hotdog BBQ with Bubba, Christie, Ken, and Nora.  We played outside the whole day and had a great time.  We're all tired and sunburned tonight --- a true sign that summer is on the WAY!!!

ONE more day of our break:)  
Planning on BBQ hamburgers tomorrow with friends and enjoying it! 
I just LOVE carefree days.
Back to school on Monday:(((

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