Saturday, March 23, 2013

Keegan's 4th Birthday PIRATE party!

Keegan had his 4th Birthday Party back in February.  He chose to have it at a FUN {indoor} treehouse this year and we had So Much Fun!  Jake and the Neverland Pirates was the theme he chose for #4!

Even though the party was not at the house, I made just few little decorations!  

Our PIRATE family of 4:))
Crazy pictures are soooooo much easier than smiling ones!

Here is the Birthday Boy at 4 vs. 3.  He is growing SOOO fast!!

Ken, Finn, and Josh sliding away:)

Mr. Mike and Keegen J

Cute little pirate bucaneers!!  
Maddy, Keegen, and Hannah:)

ARG!!  It's Mya:))

Kyle and Mom supervising the end of the slides

Sweet girl Breslyn!

My Joshua:)

Da boys...doing what they do...:)

Ms. Nora

These pic are from the party room.  We got to play in the treehouse for about an hour and then head to our room for cake and presents!

The 'Pirate' theme was a lot of fun!  There is not a close up but I LOVED the little sails on the cupcakes!

We had 'Pirate's GOLD' and 'Pirate Cannonballs' and 'Pirate Swords'

There was also 'Pirate Punch' to drink!

I did not get a pic of the CUTE goodie bags at the party, so here is a close-up of the one while I was making it! SOOO easy, but I LOVED them!!!

They all had tatoo's, color sheets, gold coin chocolates, and...
super yummy cookies inside.  My AWESOME coworker, Dalene, made these for K's party.  She worked so hard and matched them to his shirt!  She also made him the cutest little pirate chest that he LOVES to play with:))  Love you girl!!

My 4 year old Birthday Boy!!

K's loves Christie and invited her to join in on the coloring fun:))

Happy Birthday Keegan!!!!

Best Buds of ours - Joey and Ashley:))  BIG LOVE!

LOVE this boy sooooo much!

The party crew!  

We had such a FUN afternoon and I hope Keegan will always remember how much he is LOVED!!!

GranJan and the Bday boy!!  {GranJan got K his ADORABLE Jake shirt...and his so called Green Lantern soccer ball...ha}  Thanks GranJan!!!

Sadly I know 5 years old will be here before I know it!

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  1. Keegan's 4th Birthday PIRATE party is fabulous. Seeing all the decorations was awesome and watching the kiddos enjoy it was even better! My kid turned 5 on last weekend and we decided to host a party at kids’ event space NYC which was a fabulous idea. Kiddos had an awesome time over there.