Saturday, March 9, 2013

K's 1st Soccer Game

Today was K's 1st ever soccer game!  He was AWESOME!  {a bit of a ball hog, but a hustler:))}
He was sooo excited!  I really thought the games would be cancelled, but we played in the drizzle.  
Here he is all clean before:)

LOVE his crazy, munchkin smile!

I sooo remember J's 1st soccer game.  Keegan was just a bity baby and always very hard to keep happy.  I've walked sooooo many laps around these here soccer fields with strollers and the monkey leash:)  
Today it was Joshua's turn to watch {he was a little bit easier than K was}.

This boy was a natural!  I think the others were afraid of the ball...K took full advantage of this!

He had a bit of problem using his hands and scoring on the wrong goal --- classic soccer mishaps!!

Joshua and I getting a little wet on the sidelines:)
He really tried to be a good helper.

Little goalie boy---getting ready to block that ball!
{I was so proud that during the actual game he was not IN the net...before it, he got stuck in it while climbing and another parent had to help me "free" him.}

Note:  I SOOOO try to always keep my "memories" positive, but I'm gonna add a few details here to describe to my boys what our days can sometimes be like...for when they are parents themselves. 
Saturdays CAN BE HARD!  Daddy usually always has to work and I have the 2 of you all by myself.  You both have SOOO much enengy, it sometimes gets you in trouble.  At soccer J was not following directions and was not staying on the sidelines like he was supposed to.  In one of the videos, he was actually "shaking my belly" -- I mean WHY?!?!  After the game all the kids get snacks from a mom and J was like "Can I have one, Can I have one, Can I have one???"  More times than not I GET REALLY ANNOYED!
It was during the snack "passing out,"  where I was trying to help and K runs off!  YOU ARE 4....STAY WITH YOUR MOMMY!!!  Both of ya'll decided to clean your MUDDY shoes off on the way home --- my car is a MESS now!

I just want ya'll to know that it is SELDOM easy, it is enjoyable, but times can be hard.  I pray for your wives in case you have some energetic boys like the both of you.
Please know I LOVE YOU TONS and I DO MY VERY BEST as a mom.  I am not perfect, but NO ONE WILL EVERY LOVE YOU LIKE I DO!

There....all done.

Happy Saturday!!!  
Spring Break day ONE for us:))

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