Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss :)

This past week at school we have been doing a Dr. Seuss unit and have been doing activities with all of his awesome characters:))  Yesterday we had a photo booth to make pictures for our upcoming OPEN HOUSE! {We took pics of the kids too - we do share a little of the FUN with them...haha!}

I was the LORAX.

Dalene was The Cat in the Hat.

And Carol was the Grinch.

I just LOVE my girls and how much FUN we have on a daily basis.  Most teachers work alone in a classroom, but we work as a team of 3!  Yep 3 teachers for 6 kiddos...I have a whole LONG post to talk about year ONE for me:)))
But, we work so well together and these gals have made my 1st year pretty awesome!!  
I would not, could not, do it without them!

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