Sunday, July 5, 2015

Spring Baseball

This year we signed BOTH boys up for spring ball.  It was a GREAT and BUSY season.  And we all survived!  Ha!

I LOVE watching my boys play!!
{another picture overload:)}

Tryouts -- "evaluations"

This year there was an opening ceremony parade :))

K got on Mr. Mike's team with Keegen Jackson!

The next ones are of the parade at BHS,
 I do not know why they are turned sideways.  
Just turn your head:)))

The sno-cone truck is a very important component of baseball!!
K was soooo sweet to give bites to Millie:)))

Sideways again.  
This day was Millie's actual 1st BIRTHDAY!!!
We spent it at ball practice!

Saturday baseball crew.  I remember this day being wet and cold!

Our fans!!

Nora came with us one Saturday to games.  
That's right..I managed to keep up with 4 kiddos 
{snacks are my key}.
J and K played at the same time, 
so we walked back and forth just a few times!

More ball practice.  This chic was a trooper!
I'm getting her a shirt next season that says
"little sister, I don't have a life because my brothers play baseball" 

I got me a cute shirt that would work for BOTH teams!

I think these 2 pics are so adorable!!  
Millie loved these little girls and they were so sweet to her too!!

Little League Day with the TEXAS RANGERS!!
A fun boys day!

J got to play 1st base!

And he got to work in the "confession" stand! 


K's last game

Joshua's team advanced far in the final bracket.  
They all played AWESOME!!  
Like they beat a team that had not lost in forever! 
Mikey came to see it!!

Team party at CiCi's for the Mets. 

Joshua's team had paintball party.  
It was AWESOME but sooooooooo HOT!!

Keegan stayed with friends and this little chic and I burned up!!

Both boys had an awesome season!!  
They learned a ton and made a ton of memories.  
Joshua and Keegan, I hope you both always know I'M your biggest FAN!!

Till Fall Ball ---ugh:))))))

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