Sunday, July 5, 2015

Camille is ONE!

Our SWEET, PRECIOUS baby girl turned the big #1 on March 27th. was a very BuSy time in our lives, but we were able to have a WONDERFUL celebration.  Her party had been planned in my head for a very long time.  But then...we decided to move.  So, the apartment park it was.  I'm SOOO thankful the weather was gorgeous that day!!

{warning - picture overload!}

Yes, I made Krys help me carry this dresser down to the park area.  SO CUTE -- if I do say so myself! :))))

The "theme" for the party was 
so, I made it very colorful!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl!

Babi, Dziadek, and Grandma all flew in for a few days:))

MY GIRL!!!  
{huge boo boo on my head -- it had been a big week.  see another post}

Some of our favorite people were our party guests:))

Caroline and Millie 
These girls!!!  I'm imagining Camille saying 
"Cmon sister -- the party is this way!"

One of the BEST big brothers!

Trouble!!  During the party all the boys hung out down by the lake.  Later Camden told his momma that he and Keegan tried to start a BOAT!!!  Oh MY!!!  



And that's a wrap!!
{Thanks Ash for the wonderful pictures!}


  1. We had a wonderful time celebrating this precious girl!! The pics turned out fabulous! She did a great job capturing all the fun! :))

  2. It was a beautiful party and we had such fun!!! Loved celebrating Camille's big day!! The boys trying to start a boat....dying laughing!!! :))