Sunday, July 5, 2015

Birthdays!!! Keegan turned 6!

My mind is on birthdays right now!  My 1st born is about to be 10!!!  That is so unbelieveable!  How can he be 10???  He is about to get to make a trip back to the city where he was born -- so very exciting!  We have a big, fun, surprise celebration planned for him.  10 is special right!!??  See his #9 here -- {I LOVED the camping theme.  We will do it again soon in our big beautiful back yard:))}

But now...on to Keegan.  He turned 6 on February 17th.  It was a very BUSY February and we even had some snow that month!!  But with one reschedule, we finally got to celebrate him.
A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party is what this boy wanted this year:)))  {He also got to celebrate with his kindergarten class at school with DONUTS!:)}

CANNOT believe he is 6!!!

TMNT masks of course :))

Our friend AJ --- LEONARDO!!  

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Millie LOVED her cupcake:))

It was a fantastic party for Keegan.  
That little wild, crazy, spunky, smart, athletic, sweet boy is LOVED a WHOLE bunch!!

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