Sunday, July 12, 2015

Axis Deer Run

In February (I think), we decided to put our house up for sale.  We had been talking and thinking about it forever.  And then one 
L O N G rainy day, while we were stuck inside, I made the call!! 
It was a VERY VERY quick process!!  We had it all wrapped up and we moved out on March 8th -- my 34th birthday.  

This cute little house will always be in our hearts and holds TONS of memories.  Joshua celebrated his 3rd birthday party in the backyard...he also broke his arm flipping off the couch in the living room.  Keegan was brought home to this house and as a little boy he LOVED starring out the front windows!  And Camille, she won't remember this house or her 1st Christmas here, but this was her 1st home too!

We have ton of front porch Halloween and 1st days of school pics.  We swam and played many hours in the backyard.  Our little house looked glorious all lit up for Christmas.  And in this house we met TONS of friendly and caring neighbors!  

The Friday that we closed, I took off work and saw the boys off to school on the bus for the last time...
 and one more time back home!  The bus stop right in front of our house has been AWESOME!

Moving the Trampoline with Mr. Mike. 
Moving Day.

Those movers there brought us to "The Apartment."  A 2 BR apartment!  Yep --- we are all crammed in here while waiting for our home to be built.  This home will hold us all and is so BEAUTIFUL!!!
Here is our lot -- we chose the BIGGEST one:))))))
Currently we are about to get some sheet rock installed --- hopefully we will get to call it home before decorating for fall.  Stay tuned...

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