Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Day{s} of School - 2nd grade and 3's

These pics are end of school wrap ups --- yes we start our NEW year in only about 2 1/2 weeks :(  I will have a 3rd grader and a little boy in the 4's class  -- WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE?!?!
Here is our crew back in May ready for Field Day!!! 
Hannah, Keegen, Mya, and my Joshua:)
And just for FUN --- Look at these Kinder babes from 2 years ago:(((  booohooo!
These are some pics from Joshua's 2nd grade awards ceremony!  It is such a perk that I am able to go to these things --- this next year in kinder "might" be a different story :(
 Mrs. Smith and J!
 Toothless grin :)))
Mya and J
Since Joshua has a summer birthday, we always try to have a little birthday treat early with all his classroom buds.  {I am almost POSITIVE that the kids don't mind!!}  This year he chose these jello treats off of my pinterest board:)))
 Sweet boy helping me:))
I also got to run down to his end of the school year party:))  Ice cream sundae's :)))
And these are the 1st and Last day comparisons!!  I LOVE all these pics and I know I will still be looking at them and TAKING them when they go off to college.  They better expect me in their dorm rooms 1st day of freshman year -- ha!!  I AM SERIOUS!!
Go here to see 2011 and 2012 last days of school :((
Both boys had such a wonderful school year of learning and FUN:)  I don't think we are 100% ready to start again, but I know this year will be great too:)))


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