Friday, August 9, 2013

Vacation 2013 {part 2}

So...after our AMAZING morning seeing all the alligators, we were on the road to Alabama!!  {and we didn't have that much further to go!!} 
The Tunnel!!

We had never been thru a tunnel like this before -- it was super cool...and kind of FreaKy!!

When we arrived at our hotel...we were in AWE!!!  It was HuGe and gorgeous!  It took us forever to find our specific parking spot:))

Our AWESOME view from the Pent House:))  Yep, we were on the VERY top!!!  Floor #14!

We immediately got ready to hit the pools for the rest of the Sunday:))))

We LOVED the bath!!!  And we could have SOOOO gotten used to that!!!

The next morning we had breakfast on our balcony --- what a way to start a Monday!! 
{Being on the 14th floor, we had some strict rules about the balcony...the kids could only be out there WITH us} 

And we usually made them sit!!!

Off to the BEACH for the 1st time!!!  It was looking like rain, but that did not stop us:)))


With the weather being kind of cloudy and with the wind...the waves were HUGE!!

The fisher dude next to us caught sharks!!! 
I was soo excited to swim after that!

1st time to the OCEAN!!!!
It was sooo hard to "get" out "in" the water.  The waves were very hard to beat.  Keegan threw up immediately!  Salt water and the rough waves were not his idea of fun that morn - SEASICK on the beach :((  But he loved the sand :))

The sand was sooo white and soft!

LOVE my boys!!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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