Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kyle and the FWPD

Yesterday Kyle graduated from the Fort Worth Police Academy.  He had been a Tarrant County officer since 2009, but had decided to go to FW.  We all went to watch and support him :))
Here he is walking in --- they all look almost the same!
A little sweetness!!

There were lots of awards to hand out during the ceremony.  Top driver, top shooter, etc.  Kyle, however, I think got the BEST award.  It was an award given to him by his fellow classmates.  It was the MOST RESPECTED award.  I know he was SO proud!!! 
What an HONOR!!
Kyle and his course leaders
Here he is receiving his badge!
Kennedy and Christie got to go up and pin it on him :)))
Nora stayed back :))
Inspections to make sure uniforms were PERFECT!!!
Getting sworn in!!!
And these are some pictures of friends and family after it was over.
This is Kyle's 1st partners wife :))
Kyle and Christie
The whole crew
Donna and Dad
Mom and Dad
Mom and Kyle
Kyle and I
And then there are these crazy little boys!!!
Me, Mom, Kyle and Dad
Kyle and Dad
It was a very special day that he will always remember. 
LOTS of LOVE and support for our family!!
We are all SO proud of his hard work and accomplishments.
I hope he feels that LOVE and SUPPORT everyday when he puts on his BLUE!

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