Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation 2013

A few weeks ago we took our 1st ever family "vacation"!!!  Our destination was Orange Beach AL, but we had some FUN things to see on the way too:))  We had been sooo excited for months about our trip:))
Happy Boys the morning we left:))
Krys and I were pretty pumped too!!  It was so good to get away...JUST the 4 of us!

And no we did not stop here just for the pic --- we had to go potty.  We had LOTS of potty stops:)

Driving in southern Louisiana...
LOTS of HUGE bridges {Monster bridges}:))
Our 1st entire day was mostly driving and then we slept in this very "mediocre" hotel. 

Cracker Barrel was our choice for that evenings dinner and breakfast the next morn. 
K, however, had his normal HONEY BUNS:))  {he is so my son!}
I LOVE the Cracker Barrel porch. 
These were our 1st visits to this restaurant.

Our 1st stop on our 2nd day was the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch.  We were SOOO excited and we got there as soon as they opened!!

It was AMAZING!!


All the adult gators were in the swamp, but there were different "cages" for the babies and then kids and then teenagers...ha!!  I don't think alligators care if they eat their family members, so it was good that they protect them till they can defend themselves...ha:))

When the staff member entered the cage they all started hissing.

This little walk was SO neat...LIVE alligators everywhere!!

All the babies sunnin'!

Holding the baby gator was BY FAR the best experience of the day...I mean WHO gets to hold a baby gator!!!
I was SOO proud of the boys:)))  I hope they always remember it!

Krys and I had to have our turn too...32 years old and I had never held a gator:)

Joshua and his beloved alligator tooth necklace:)

Since we were SOO early at the alligator ranch, we had some time to explore before our 11am airboat ride.  So we drove down the beach...this was our 1st official beach experience --- Pascagoula MS :)

We all walked out on this loooooonnnnng pier.  Made me super nervous :-/

The houses along the beach here were GORGEOUS!!

After some exploring and playing at the park, we finally made it back to the ranch for our boat ride to see some more gators.  It was SUPER hot and LOUD:)

So cool!

The "driver" told us lots of stories about when the "Gator Boys" were there.  He also said that they like to feed the gators marshmellows:))

Again, it was an AWESOME experience to see these gators.  My boys are soo into the Animal Planet on TV these days and this adventure was right up their alley. :))
When we left here we were off to the beach...
More to come shortly:)))


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