Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Father's Day 2013 {only one month late:)}

We had a SUPER fun Sunday Father's Day this year.  We went over to Kyles and swam our little hearts out, had a family dinner at Spring Creek BBQ, and then Krys got to go to the movies with his bud Joey {they saw Spiderman}. 
Just a super FUN day with people we LOVE! 
{I did miss seeing my daddy though}
Here are Krys and his boys!

Me and the boys
Kyle and his girls

 I think these pics are SO Keegan.  He is interrupting all the daddy's leisure time on the sun deck.  Such a spirited BOY!
 Slip N Slide time!
Why did they not have these when I was a kid?!?!

 Keegan wasn't having FUN or anything :))

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