Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keegan graduates from the 3's...

Back in May, Keegan finished up his 1st year of PreSchool.  He had a very good year.  He learned lots and made lots of little friends.  He just LOVED school --- he is SOOO excited to ride the big school bus in a couple of years:)))
Here he is walking into graduation with a cute little bubble in his mouth:)))

Daddy and Josh waiting for the "show" to start:)  I was on camera duty by the aisle:)
Mrs. Ashley getting K ready to go up on the stage and get his diploma:)

SOOOO excited!!!

Keegan and Mrs. Sara

Happy Little Boy!!!

Keegan getting his bucket of goodies

Mrs. Ashley was a WONDERFUL teacher for K!!! 
She and Mrs. Mollie were SOOO patient and kept him in line:))

Our Fam:))

Take 2


One and 1/2 more months and this baby of mine will be in the 4's class.
And then in only ONE short year...he will be off to Kindergarten. 
Oh, Keegan...I LOVE YOU!!!


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