Saturday, July 20, 2013

Teaching this year :)

This past year was my 1st official year of teaching.  I was a special education teacher in a self contained classroom and IT WAS definitely A CHALLENGE. 
I was sooooo excited going in and I did really enjoy it for the most part, I can only explain by saying, experience was my best teacher.  There were SOOOO many things I was not and could not have been prepared for.  And I'll just leave it at that!!
I did have some awesome help tho!!!  I always had 2 aides and sometimes even 3 :))
Here is an AWESOME poem that my co-worker Dalene wrote for me:))
"The ABC's of my 1st year of Teaching..."
A is for an apple for the teacher so sweet...What's that smell?  It's K's bare feet!
B is for bunny, "B" and the beach.  What a crew you signed up to teach.
C is for "C", crayons and crying.  We did not think there was enough chocolate each day to keep us from dying.  I'm glad we kept trying.
D is for "D", determination and dreams.  Long days of dragons, "I don't like that" and {No's} made us all want to scream.
E is for excitement, experiments, and eagerness...all of which were gone at each day's end, only to be found the next day again.
F is for FUN, field trips, and farts...Funny kids, and friendships.  This was just a start.
G is for ghosts, greatness and glasses.  All of which could be found at some time through out the year in Mrs. Szymanski's classes.
H is for heart, of which yours is full, for children, for friends, for teaching - all with love and laughter and that's No Bull!
I is for and ideas.  Both need more to make them complete.  The things you dreamed up were Oh So Neat...treats and sweets, fun and sun, you'd get an idea and off you would run!
J is for J, J, Juice!!  Jack O Lanterns and jokes.  Jello jiggling down a chin.  These are some of the things that made us grin.
K is for "K" and "K" -- Double Trouble, little boy style.
L is for the little things that made us smile.  A laugh, a look, a special book, a cute picture that someone took.  Most especially it is for Love.  Lots and Lots of laughter and love...
M is for M&M's, movies, and math.  "Don't play in the water, no one needs a bath.
N is for "Nuts!", notes and noses.  You wiped so many noses and read and wrote so many notes.
O is for classes favorite treat.  Too bad they are not made of chocolate, oh how we needed our sweets!
P is for PE, puppy and paras. Each was needed to help sooth or calm.  Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles, galore had a place like popcorn all over the floor!
Q is for Quiet!  Which was a favorite to yell but getting it you had to work like Hell!!
R is for "R" who loved to do art.  Each child earned a place in your heart.  Red words were something we did not wish to hear, thank goodness summer will come..."What??!! It's only been 1/2 a year....??"
S is for "S" with his sideways grin, "surfs up", splish splash and slow down snail, snacks and sharks were all part of this tale...SUPER hero's never fail!!!
T is for tussels and time that never seemed to pass.  Treasure box and toilet visits were daily tasks.  Teaching is what you signed up to do, why do some days feel like a zoo??
U is for understanding when things didn't go as planned.  Underwear needed changing and umbrellas abound when clouds of uncertainty rain on down...
V is for Violent outbursts that come from no where.  How we wish we could stop them with just our love and our care.
W is for Winter, walks and "Wait!" worms that wiggle and slither around. 
Look into our room and you never know what can be found.  Wheelchairs and water and cars that zoom....Yep, they are all a part of our room!
X is for X tra special.  That's what you are!!  Your teaching and love for the children in your class are noticeable to all.  "Have a great summer, see you in the Fall."
Y is for yearning to try something new.
Z is for zookeeper zippers and zoom.  Room 112 was so lucky to have you in this room. 
As we close out the year there's a few things I think you should know:
*we think you are awesome, don't worry it shows...
*we love how you make everyday special and sweet with cute little notes and sometimes even treats...
*the kids they adore you even if they don't know it, they are kids after all they don't know HOW to show it.
*the adults are different, we know how to do it, and our hope is you felt loved, treasured and supported, because the year is over and we all want to say "Hallelujah" or "Screw It!"

Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!?!
  My 1st year I met SO many friends and I learned SO much! 
This coming year I am about to start my adventures in Kindergarten and am super excited about that.  I don't think it will be any easier but just a different kind of challenge.  :)))

Here is Carol, Me, and Dalene.
And here is Staci. 
She was with us the 1st semester :))

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