Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Baseball

For the past month or so BOTH boys have been playing BASEBALL:))
I think I must have been crazy the day I signed them both up -- they are having a great time though:)
Today they both had morning games, Joshua at 930 and Keegan at 11.  AND of course the 2 fields  were about 35 minutes apart. 
Here they are before we left the house...
a little sweet mixed in with A LOT of silly!!
J (7 years and 11 months)
K (4 years and 4 months)
Joshua is really LOVING baseball this year.  He is learning more each game.  {Today I think he learned that he can run through 1st base:))}
He is such a little hustler and he plays VERY hard. 
In his league this year it is Coach pitch, and the batter gets 5 chances. 
Joshua hit the ball on all of his turns today!
Then....we were off to Keegan's game.  Since he is in the very 1st league I am beside him at all times -- which K NEEDS:))  I think he IS having a lot of fun, but he is still a VERY SILLY little boy!
He is my main concern during Joshua's games and during his.
{I know this time will pass and one day he will be trustworthy -- today during J's game, he jumped INSIDE the concession stand window...he wanted him some M&M's :))}
Look how cute this boy is!!!
1st Base!
Running hard:)
This is Keegan and a little girl named Gracie.  K LOVES her and she is usually the way I get K on the field. 
He now has a water bottle just like Gracie:)))

The end:)

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