Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blog Catch up {Part Two}

Again...most of these are phone pics...but great memories none the less:))
These 2 pics are from a Saturday afternoon...I think.  I LOVE Friday evenings and Saturdays.  We have NO stress going on about the work week, NO homework is being done, and LOTS of PLAY is happening.  Sometimes I am NOT even cleaning:))))
When K plays, he is always the police officer! 
{Best Halloween costume EVER!}

Joshua had a field trip and I sadly did not get to go...I should've, but felt that I couldn't take another day off:( 
I stopped by the classroom and saw them off though:)) I hope this baby boy of mine will ALWAYS need me:)
One Sunday we got to meet up with some of my college buds.  I haven't seen them much at all since 2003, but it was SOOOO good to meet and chat for a while.  And we all have boys, so they got to play too:))
LOVE these peeps:)) 
Bekah, Brad, Me, and Melanie
Random day playing out back...they have cars lined up from one to another. 
LOVE moments like this:))
This might, quite possibly be one of my favorite pics of Keegan.  This is another one that I had Krys take for me before school one morning.  It was YELLOW day at his MDO {ONLY reason why he is wearing a SpongeBob shirt:)}.  We got flowers to give to his director and his 2 ROCKIN' teachers!
It happened to be secretaries day/week at our school too --- so Joshua and I gave flowers too:))
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being at school with this boy!

Krys and Joshua often go fishing on Sunday mornings.  Keegan and I get to sleep in:))  On this morning, he needed something to do...he must have been bored without J.  So we brought out the water colors:)
TEXAS RANGER day at Keegan's school
Joshua ready to go to his 2nd grade play {The Princess and the Pea}.
{He does NOT care for shirts with a collar!}
Krys had to work on this evening so I was stuck with K all by myself ---ha!!
Luckily, his soccer coach had given us a bag of M&M's for all his soccer goals --- I was sooo glad I found them in my purse. 
Keegan ate the whole bag during the play:))
Keegan's school had a cute little Mother's Day celebration that all the momma's were invited to.
I'm sooo glad I got to go and read to his class and have snack with K:))
Beautiful gifts from the heart!! 
 {Joshua made me a fingerprint owl magnet for the fridge --- LOVE handmade gifts from my boys!!!}
Such a stinker, but I LOVE him to the moon and back. 
I am soooo PROUD to be the momma of my Joshua and Keegan:)))))

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