Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day :))

We love our Daddy around here verrrry much!
Here is what the boys said:
Favorite Food: Pizza and Hot Sauce
Favorite Drink: his water and Sprite
Favorite Color: K said white and J said blue
Daddy knows how to: Fix Stuff
Favorite Sport: Football, Baseball, Basketball
Favorite Vacation Spot: K said "in July" :) 
{He doesn't know what that means but he knows we are going on a vacation in July:)))}
Favorite Dessert: Brownies, Cake, M&M's, and J added "those chocolate balls" :)
Daddy does not like: "us not listening"
Favorite Animal: K said a COW and J said a CHICKEN  {HA!!}
Age: K said 45, J said 35
Daddy lets me: play outside and play baseball
Favorite Restaurant: after lots of thinking...J said "Panda!!"
Daddy likes to: play playstation and lay on the couch
One day Daddy will: go on vacation and help mommy
I love Daddy because: K said "he's nice" and J said "he lets me swim and play games on playstation"
Also a Happy Fathers Day to MY daddy ---
 our very own MIKEY:) 
 {Although he was MY DADDY first...Kyle's technically:)}
Happy Father's day to all the other Dad's out there too. 
I have some awesome ones in MY family for sure...KYLE, my stepdad BOB and my father in law MAREK!!
Dad's are the Best...
right after MOM's of course:))  ha:))

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