Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last day of Kinder :(

So the last morning of Kindergarten I put Joshua on the bus and I think I was even more sad than the 1st day of school.  There is just something about "the end" that gets me.  Just knowing that he will never be in this exact spot in time saddens me.  It is very extremely hard for this momma to see her baby grow up.   

And look how he's grown...(we started the tradition of wearing the same shirt the 1st and last day)
 J had great end of the year party...if I do say so myself.  I got to be his room mom this year and really enjoyed it.  I guess it was my way to be there...even though I wasn't.  I just need to work at his school...seriously!

Our movie for the party was slide show that Mrs. Bush makes.  I tried so hard to not watch it...we got our own copies and I then watched at home.  I am NOT a pretty cryer!

 Pizza and Concessions!
 Decorating his award:)

 Such a happy boy to be moving on to 1st grade.

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