Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend :)

So...after a week of hard work and MORE sand...We got the pool up and going!  This will provide hours of fun in the sun for our family and we LOVE the sun! 

Here is J all ready to jump in for the first time:)

The water was a bit chilly!

Then on Sunday morning we decided to go to Coleman for a couple of days to visit Dad and Donna.  We all enjoy driving out to the country and we had a good ole time!

Donna and Josh playing in the water:)

Keegan slept through most of the water excitement.

But at Mikey and Donna's he gets to drink Squirt and pour it into the pool too! 

Sunday evening we went out to the land and Joshua got to do LOTS of driving!  I did this so much when I was a little girl - great memories on Daddy's lap!


A beautiful Texas Sunset!

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  1. These are some GREAT PICTURES!! Love the one with Josh between Donna's legs in the pool!! And my FAVORITE pic is the one with Mikey in the background and the boys following after!! So sweet!