Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our week and weekend :)

Well, we had an excellent week full of Fun and Family. Mom visited us for almost a week and we got lots of Bubba time and Kennedy time too.  We ate wonderfully - played outside - and spent lots of quality time together. 

Mr. J and Ms. K - they look super sweet here, but don't let that fool ya!

Need I say more:)

On Friday J had career searching the old Halloween costumes...we pulled out the police man.  Lucky for us, J has a great police man in the fam - Uncle Bubba.

And K just loves his Uncle Bubba!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our GranJan. 

Minus a few - these the MOST important peeps in my life!

"We come from a long line of LOVE."

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  1. Glad ya'll were able to enjoy so much family time! Love the pics of GranJan and the boys!!