Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hawaiian Falls---Father's Day 2011

For Father's Day this year we decided to have a
family day at Hawaiian Falls.  We were all so excited.
J and K the most.  "Are we there yet?!

Krys and the boys
Me and the boys
Lunchtime at Pineapple Petes!

I love this picture of Joshua and looks
so tropical---we'll pretend we were on a beach somewhere! 
So sweet though!

Keegan loved his little play land...Keiki Cove.
How cute is this??  Again, tropical paradise!
I was shocked Joshua wanted to do this AND that he was tall enough.  I did not prepare myself for him being able to ride "rides."  I'm so glad Krys likes this type of stuff too...I DO NOT!
So happy and proud...and maybe in disbelief!
LOVE this boy!!!
To get to this slide, he had to cross a rope tunnel thing and it took him forever...but he did it!!!
And did it again and again and again!!!
The only part he did not like was the HUGE bucket dumping while he was up there.

J did this one too...the purple one.  I thought I would try to go with him the second time...but did not even make it up the ladder.  Again...SOOOO glad Krys loves a thrill too!


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