Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joshua's "Rockin" Early Bday Party!

Joshua's birthday is July 24...therefore he will always have a summer birthday.  YAY for swimming parties...but NAY for not getting to celebrate during the school year with school buds.  So...we had a party early with only his school friends.  We invited the ENTIRE class (luckily not all 20 came) over to swim and celebrate. 
It was a ROCKIN good time! 

We swam and did water balloons and silly string.  FUN!

Party Favors:  "Thanks for coming to ROCK with me...Now you can ROCK on your own. 
Love, Joshua (I has so much fun picking out kid jams on itunes!)

Josh and Walker

Trying to get out of the wind so the candles would stay lit...this seems to always be a problem:)

Can't believe he is 6...or almost!

J and Mya (top)  Walker and Xander (bottom)



And this next one cracks me up.  The bday party was at right during nap time.  I had arranged for Keegan to go nap with Ms. Ashley and that way I could really focus on the party...and he LOVES Ms. Ashley! 
This is a pic of him when he got home after the party.  This red balloon he had had all day and would NOT let it go.  I thought this was so sweet:)

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