Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines...Part 2

Just a little more VALENTINE lovely-ness:))

And a Sweet card from Keegan below.

I DO LOVE Valentines Day!

A SWEET vintage card I found and had on my mantle this year.  I'm thinking of framing it up for next:)

Just some RED and PINK in my kitchen!  I DO LOVE some reds and pinks!!!

On Pinterest I found the "14 days of LOVE" idea.  However, I think I overdid myself and just could not keep up.  
Of course I have WAYYYY more reasons WHY I LOVE MY BOYS....I just only got 5 up.

And TREATS for this year - they overtook my house!  BUT sooo much FUN making them!

LOVE Pinterest and I found most ideas on there.  K's are in the pic above and are full of WILD animal crackers.  J's "too cool" Valentines are below:))

And just a few FUN gifts from Mom and Dad for Valentine's Day Morning!

I still kind of like them to dress the same every once in a while...mostly for my pictures:)))

K allowed me to get an early morn pic----J's response was "I just woke up!!"
J got a beloved movie "The Tooth Fairy."


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