Monday, November 26, 2012

Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving...

and all in their seats, Mikey and his CraZieS are ready to EAT:))
{corny, I know!!:))  I'm a teacher, what can I say??!!}

 We spent a wonderful weekend @ Mikey and Donna's.  Our Nonna is such a yummy cook!
Above: with baby Nora
Below:  Kennedy, Aiden, Joshua, and Keegan
ONLY at Mikeys house can the children play with drills in the dirt...and hatchets!
Good food + No nap = A VERY tired Keegan!

We had a wonderful weekend full of Thanksgiving memories!  I am SOOO SOOO THANKFUL for my family.  There is no other man like my Daddy and I just LOVE him and Donna to the moon and back:))
And here is a glimpse of my Fall decor...because now everything is all Christmas:)))

THANKFUL treats for K's school. 
Courtesy of pinterest!
J's class got some too...just in a different packaging than this:)
We are SOOOO ThAnKfUL!!

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