Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

For the past 3 years we have gotten to go "over the river and thru the woods" to my momma's house for THANKSGIVING. 
I hope it is a tradition we can do for years to come.  It's always a great road trip and we make lots of good memories. 
I cannot begin to express HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR MY MOMMA! 
I have NO words:)
Sadly, Krys had to stay home and work.  But happily, we are SO thankful for his job and for HIM!
We all missed him terribly.  J was heart broken to leave him.  He did not want him to be alone. 
 I'm SO thankful for my children also.  Such precious hearts and I LOVE them so much!
 These guys were actually pretty good for the 10 hour round trip:)
 And sweet Nora was too!
I think Joshua thinks GranJan makes the BEST rolls in the world! {He most definitely has my LOVE of bread!}  Little does he know they are sister schubert rolls and we could have them other times except Thanksgiving:)) 
GranJan makes them super YuMmY tho!
 GranBob and Ken
 And Keegan just LOVES his white donuts:)
 The day after we got there, we went to see some cool animals.  Bob's daughter Lindsey has a lemur named BJ. He was sooo tiny.  She has him in a premature diaper and has to put it on backwards so he won't undo it.{sounds like K when he was a baby...maybe he is part lemur..ha!!}  Then she cuts a whole in it for his tail.
It was the cutest thing ever and LOVED being held very close.
 Lindsey also had horses, goats, and some alpacas.  She let all the kiddos feed them:)
 Baby Nora, tired after her long day.
K too!
 And here's the crew: GranBob and GranJan and all the GranKids on our side!
We had a lovely trip, and again, I am SOOO SOOO thankful for my family.  Bob and Mom are the most supportive and understanding parents and I LOVE how they take care of each other.  I'm SO thankful we could all make the trip down to see them:))

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