Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Pre-Turkey Day Hike:))'s November and it is NOT supposed to be 80 degrees!!! 
So what else were we to do but head out and enjoy the weather with our lovely neighbors at a local park.
 Joshua, Keegen, Keegan {yep there are 2 K's...on the same street pretty much...LOOK OUT!}, Libby, and Hannah
 And he's off!
LOVE LOVE this pic with the reflection of the lake:))
 "Mama, can I pLeAsE get in the water?!?"
 It was just too beautiful to say no.
 Our newest neighbors -- Hannah, Keegen and Ms. Traci:))
Umm...yes...he is losing his clothes here :-/
Don't judge!
 The fall colors are soo pretty...finally. 
We are at least out of summer:))

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