Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Keegan!!

I joke that Keegan and I have made it together for 3 years!  I love him SOOOO much - but  HE . IS . HARD!  And I will say...we have had a few close calls - one being this morning when he was jumping on our bed and fell off on his neck!  I think having an older brother has really given sweet little K no limits - there is really nothing he can't do and won't try.  He is at the stage of independence - and this gives me grey hair:)  I need MORE patience please:)

With that said, there is no doubt about my LOVE for this boy.  He is a spunky monkey just like Joshua and I AM THANKFUL for both of them.  I honestly would not change a thing about them!  I love Keegans thoughtfulness, sweetness, boyness, and his zest for life - he is NO fuddy dud for sure!  He is my weegers! 

I LOVE you so much Keegan Marek Szymanski!
Happy 3rd Birthday:))
Love, Mama

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