Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Over the River and Through the Woods...

to Granjan's house we go..."

That is what we sang on Wednesday afternoon as we all traveled the long trip to my moms:)

Here are the excited to GO!!

luckily, we got a few naps on the way...

and lots of movie time.  Have I mentioned how THANKFUL I am for car DVD players?!?!

Once we finally arrived up at the house, we had a wonderful day and a half visit.  My mom is the best hostess...she makes our favorite foods and her place is HEAVEN for the kiddos...outside - all the time!!

This is Granbob's daughter Ashley...and her a dress!

This was the goats' 2nd outfit of the day:)

A Delicious lunch on the porch!

Precious tablecloth...

And lots of TURKEY!

We all had so much fun on our quick trip.  I am LOVE LOVE LOVING this time of year.

{isn't the view beautiful?!}

I am again...SO SO SO Thankful for my family.  
We come from L.O.N.G lines of LOVE! 

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