Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I AM Thankful :)

So...I've spent lots of time pondering my Thanksgiving post b/c I really am a Thankful person:)  Yes...I do have my Christmas stuff out...all of it..outside and in, but that does not mean that I have forgotten about Thanksgiving.  I just don't have much Thanksgiving "stuff" - ha! 

So...here it is.  My "list" of things/people that I AM SOOOO very Thankful for. 

1. My Family 

We are a family of 4...and my 3 boys are my LIFE!  We are all very healthy and thriving! 
I LOVE them more than I could begin to express and
I AM so Thankful they are here with me.  They complete me.

2. Allll my extended Family

Krys and I are sooo very lucky to still both have our parents with us. 
 I cry now even thinking about losing any one of them. 
They are our constant support and love and they are VERY important to us. 
We LOVE LOVE LOVE all their visits and we all cry when we are separated.
{guess you could say we are an emotional bunch} 

I'm also very thankful for all our siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  With each one of you I have a million memories that I hope I never forget. 
Life without family would be NO fun -
I'm SO Thankful for you. 

3.  Friends

What can I say, we have great friends that we LOVE dearly!!! 
I have friends that watch my kiddos (A and H), shop with me, cry with me, and just LISTEN to me.  My friends support me and believe in me.  I have Facebook friends and friends old and new...but they are all so very much a part of my life.  I have so many memories with each of these friends and some of them make me LITERALLY laugh out loud...lol!  I think of heinz 57 sauce, running, wrapping houses, drinking, and just acting goofy. 
And then there is the show FRIENDS...i have seen every episode! (RM)

I need my friends!!!

4.  Our HOME

And I say "home" not "house" because a home is so much more!  I LOVE OUR HOME!!!  It is not huge and we do not have granite or stainless steel...but it is so warm and SOOOO us!  I am so grateful and Thankful for it---I tell myself this every time we make a mortgage payment:))) 

{ My favorite thing about my home is our front porch!!  and the garage}
{NOT a super great pic...look me up again soon for my Chirstmas post...looks awesome with lights:))}

And with our HOME comes our  
5. Neighborhood and Neighbors

Seriously...my neighbors ROCK!  They are some of my bestest friends and I, again, am SO Thankful.  I have at least 10 options if I need to borrow some cooking oil...no lie!!  I've even borrowed spark plugs, ladders, lawn mowers, foil...and the list goes on.  I like to think we all are here taking care of each other.  I have no fear living here and I feel completely safe.  And...we have the most fun GNO evening every 3rd Monday.  I love love love my Boswell Ranch neighbors!!!

The rest is just a meandering list...in no particular order - but no doubt - I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR:)

Our cars
---have you ever lived without a car??  we only had one this summer and it was definitely an adjustment and I realized it was something I took for granted. 


Crafts for ME!!

My bathtub:)

- I like celebrations!

Stain Spray


Cell Phones and Texting
---I love communicating with all my fam and friends.
{my mom and dad even text!!!}

My blog of almost ONE year!

Sweet Tea

Photos...and here are a few of Thanksgivings past...


Air conditioning and Heaters!
The past 2 summers we have had AC emergencies and...believe me when I say
"I am very Thankful for a Working unit!!!"  It makes me so.very.teary.sad to think
some people swelter all summer and freeze all winter.  :(

---along the same lines as above...I am SO Thankful our tummies are full and we have dinner on the table every.single.night!  Have you even seen "The Pursuit of Happyness" ?? 
OMGoodness...I know things like that are happening
all around me - and it just breaks my heart...for children especially. 
I am Thankful.

that's it in a nutshell.  I know there are a million more things.  I'd like to think I am always a very Thankful person and I HOPE we are teaching our kids to be. 
Thanksgiving time just brings it all to light and teaches us what really is important in life. 

Happy Turkey Day!

Thought this last thing was just tooo funny!
{I love these sayings:))}


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