Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time flies when you're having FUN!

I've missed SO much since my last post. So I'm gonna try to Squeeze it allll together:)

Keegan had his 2nd bday party in February.  It was a great day with 5pm party.  I even took Josh to another bday party before Keegans...yes, call me super mom...but then I was late to K's.  It went well though, just our closest friends and family!

THEN...on February BFF and I started our craft business - RAGS TO RICHES.  By this I mean we had our first booth at our childrens school carnival:) 
Super Fun:)

THEN on March 8 at 1232 happened.  I TURNED 30!
no pictures now...i am giving myself an entire post to celebrate that special day. 

Next, however, we have School Open House and Soccer for Joshua.
I Love J's school and Mrs. Bush is very sweet.  And Soccer...anything to get alllll that energy out is a plus for me. Keeping up with K on the sidelines takes my energy out too though! 
It is a family exercise program:)

This is J and his rice baby.  Kinder learned "all about me" and everyone got to take home their baby from the "nursery" with birth certificate and all. 

J and Dr. Bush:)


The End!


  1. Ash! Love seeing the pics of the family. Tell me more about your new craft business. That third pic with the water adn bucket going away is awesome!