Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Keegan's Birthday!

Exactly 2 years ago at 214pm, my precious K was born.  I can close my eyes and be in that room again and remember all about that day.  It was beautiful! 
But now...sweet K is 2 years old...need I say more!  At the current moment, he is in his room refusing to go to bed...he is beating something against his bedroom door.  This is a nightly occurance.  He just must not be ready for bed yet.  Yes...he is locked in:)  We have bought many boxes of the door knob covers.  He has one on the outside and the inside of his door...AND his closet door. 
When I think about my absolute LOVE for this sweet boy, I am over joyed, but MY. MY. is he a handful.  He's a hugger and a kisser when he wants to be and is also very good with "UH, UH" and, what I think is "Mean Mommy."  
With all our daily ups and downs, I still could not love him more.  He fits into our family perfectly and I cannot remember our lives before him. 
Happy Birthday Baby Boy of Mine.  I Love You!
Love, Mama  


  1. Although he is a little booger for you...he is such an angel for me! Ha! Happy Birthday little man!! Love you and your momma!!

  2. Ohhhhh and do realize that in a few weeks you are gonna have to change your "profile info" to 30 something!! Hahahaha!! Love you!!