Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011:)

This year for spring break we took a trip to my moms house down in the hill country.  A 5 hour drive with 2 little boys = lots of fun.  They did do great, only a few stops and we made it just fine.  Our boys LOVE the outdoors...they are all boy!  We did lots of hiking, rock collecting,
sand castle building, and just sunning - my favorite thing of all. 
It was so great to get away, even though Krys had to work. 

Making Memories:)

Both boys were covered in DIRT the whole time...they LOVED it!

GranBob made them tire swings:)

Our picnic in the woods!

Boys with GranJan...hope she doesn't hurt me for this:)

The rock throwing pond:)

The Frog Pond

Soaking Up The SUN!

Headed back HOME!

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  1. 1st...that picture of Keegan throwing the water...awesomeness!!

    2nd...your mamma is sooo gonna hurt you for that picture!! haha!!

    Great pictures...looks like ya'll had a blast!!