Saturday, January 15, 2011


So....I thought I would be better at blogging than I have been.  I'm having a really hard time finding the time to do this...however, it must STILL be so much easier than here I go.

Well, today Joshua is at his 1st school Birthday party.  Yep, I just dropped him off at a strangers house.  I didn't think I would ever do this, but everyone else was---still using this line:)  I think he was fine though...and the family seems very normal.  I'm not gave me some time to blog and Keegan gets to take a much needed nap.  Win Win Win!

About The Szymanski's lately...we seem to be back in our routines.  School, Work, and Daycare for everyone.  I have to admit...I love routine and structure.  When we're off...I definitely feel it.  The holiday time off was great though.  We got to spend lots of time with family and friends.  We just finished our last Christmas of the year last weekend with my mom...Granjan.  We love when she visits - I think I do the most...yay...someone to take care of ME:) 

Keegan is turning 2 very soon, I just ordered all his stuff for his party (i do love parties).  When I think back on my children, it is crazy how old they have gotten.  I feel like time is flying!  I love them so very much and try to treasure each day...however fun, or crazy it may be.  I try to "choose my battles" with everything:) 

So here are some of our latest pictures...

Binks is the newest member of our family and we just LOVE him.  Especially Josh ~ they sleep together every night.

Joshua and his Kinder teacher Mrs. Bush at his Holiday Musical

Sweet Keegan waiting to open a Christmas present:)

Handsome Josh! (with a chocolate face)

Skateboards...just exactly what he had wanted!!!

Christmas morning...Santa brought him a DS! (note...not even a month later, Joshua is grounded from the DS for a whole week - 1st grounding EVER...He should have known better than to sneak it in his coat and take it to school!)

Keegan on Christmas morning:)

Binks Szymanski

The picture above and below are just typical Saturdays at our house...3:00pmish...Keegan decided to finally fall asleep on his floor after peeking out his window I'm sure...and Joshua is playing in his room...while Binks naps!

SNOW!  Last weekend was our first snow of the season.  BIG flakes came down for about an hour, but all melted away rather quickly.  :(

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  1. Love all the pics!! Keegan looks good in red! keep those posts coming!!