Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Family

So Joshua is really into writing and art these days.  He got an awesome desk for Christmas - thanks to our Mikey - and loves working on it.  Today during "quiet time" I banned him to his room and he came out with this...

Our family of 4, plus our cat Binks, and his little friend neighbors Finley and Mya! 
I LOVE it!  If you haven't heard it from me already....I LIVE IN THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD EVER!  My kids have friends, I have friends, Krys has friends, and Binks used to be a Gonzales family member from across the street.  I feel so lucky to have alllll these wonderful people around me.  On Oprah last week, she was talking about what makes people HAPPY---knowing your neighbors was one of the top items:)
I SO agree.   I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood and had so many friends to ride bikes with, skate, etc, and I am so enjoying my kids having the same.  SOOO... for those lucky neighbors of mine who are reading this, you may never move :)))

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