Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmastime is here...

Here are our Holiday decorations for 2011.  I'm loving how everything turned out...and I don't think I purchased a thing this year:)  

Some of our favorite ornaments!

I've had this one since I was a little girl...I believe it says 1984 on it!

I made burlap banners for the tree this yr.

Fried Pussycat?!?! 
(I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

We got this guy for Christmas last year.

I love my ladder shelf...always full of things I love!

This Santa was from Krys' family...the kids always try to steal the toys...luckily they are attached pretty well!

Christmas in the bathroom:)

I LOVE the way the outside turned out. 
I'm wanting our house to look like a cottage:)

This is my 2nd year to have our red, glittery S.  You should hear the story about how I first made it - upside down:)


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  1. I love reading about your family! Getting out the Christmas ornaments always make me think of you. I still have the ones that your Dad made for us every year. I love ya!