Tuesday, August 7, 2012

J's 7th Birthday Party {AVENGERS}

Joshua was SUPER excited about his birthday party this year - Main Event style!! 
This boy LOVES video games - and you can't beat the indoors:) 
We picked up Aidan and Finn to go with us:))

PreParty picture with Babi.

My sweet fam:)

The plan was to do some bowling first, then eat pizza and cake in the party room, and finally play in the arcade.

Keegan LOVED to bowl! 
{He was just not very good at waiting his turn:)}

Uncle Bubba and Kennedy

Look at that form!

Finley and Josh

 2 of my favorite peeps in the world - Krys and My Momma!

 Aiden and Josh

A silly one too - even though it's a bit blurry.

The Cake:)  YUMMY!


The 7 year old Birthday Boy!

Aiden and Ken waiting on the pizza

Finley - licking his lips in anticipation:)



Look at how my baby has grown!?!?

Look how little...


Happy Birthday to YOU!



All the boys had so much fun with Air Hockey:)


 ...AND Our Babi:))

What a wonderful 7th Birthday party for Mr. Joshua!

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  1. What fun! Some kid's birthday parties are done by just eating delicious food. I'm glad you didn't choose that style. This is what celebration is about - having a good time with your loved ones. Not only you got to eat, you also got to spend quality time doing activities you don't usually do with everyone else. Kids love this kind of moments. I'm sure your little boy will remember this forever.

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