Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break 2012:)

Our Spring Break started with Mikey taking the boys to Coleman for a few days:))  So...this Momma got a break - wooohooo!!!  I went down after a few days and got them:)  The boys just love it down there.  These are pics of "Mikey's country!" 

Saying that Joshua LOVES to ride Mikey's mule is an understatement!  He could do this alll day:))

 OOOPS - Someone fell in the water...

We had sooo much fun in Coleman! 
And of course there were tears as soon as we left. 


Since Krys had to work for most of the week and was not able to travel to Mikey's with us...we decided to take a Sunday trip to the zoo:)  We went to the Frank Buck Zoo...and I highly recommend it!!

We raced to get there in time for the morning giraffe feeding and I am soo glad we did.  Look at that tongue!!
The giraffes were sooo beautiful!

These little goats were pretty fun too!

I think flamingos are so gorgeous:)

 After the zoo...we went to this AWESOME park right across the street.  I have been to my fair share of parks and this one is the absolute coolest!

 The park had a train too!!

I just LOVE Spring Break!!!

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